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Updated: Mar 23

Loping Elk? What does loping, elk, and loping elk have to do with guitars? Well, nothing and everything. When I was a young tyke growing up in sunny Southern California a neighborhood friend invited my old man and me to join the Indian Guides. The first order of business as new members was choosing our names. I decided on Running Deer, a super cool name for a 9-year-old boy. That left my father to succumb to the inevitable. He was thereby and forever known as "Loping Elk." After six months, our time with our newfound friends was over. However, the legend of Loping Elk continues in our family to this day.

My father embodies the American dream. I have been by his side as he has guided our family business from a start-up to a thriving family-owned and operated organization. He exemplifies the true spirit of a man living the American dream. As a father, he has always had my back. As an entrepreneur, he has taught me work ethic, how to treat customers, how and when to take risks, and the importance of building a life one can call his own. So, as a tip of the hat to the old man, Loping Elk Guitars was born. Come on in, pick up an instrument, and enjoy!

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